you had me at black

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Telling the stories you don’t see on TV

We started You Had Me at Black three years ago to reclaim the Black narrative. When you listen to our show, you’ll hear stories from Black people just like you, and not like you at all.

Since then we published over seventy stories, went on a five-city tour and received over half-a-million downloads and streams around the world.

A labor of love for our community

Did you know it takes 2 producers, 1 sound engineer and 10 hours to produce one episode of You Had Me at Black? That would cost most shows $600-700! But today, our team is 100% volunteer-based and largely self-funded. Eight people volunteer their time, resources and coins as a labor of love to our community.

While we've done a lot with very little, there’s still so much to do. Many, many more stories to tell. We want to multiply our impact in the next few years - reaching more people, capturing more stories, producing more seasons and hosting more kickbacks.

This is why we’re accepting contributions: to ensure that You Had Me at Black can continue this movement to reclaim our collective narratives.


Support black storytelling

Between March 13 and May 16, our goal is to earn 100 contributions of $100.

Your contributions will help us to: produce more stories, reduce the time between seasons, host kickbacks, and execute impactful partnerships with community and advocacy organizations.


Stories educate, uplift, encourage, humor, frighten, humble, and connect us. They're how we've transferred history and information for thousands of years. By revealing shared experiences and celebrating differences, You Had Me at Black builds community and encourages listeners to walk boldly in their own.