Excellent new podcast, filling a void in the media for authentic black voices.
— AmberAshleyJ

This podcast is so well done. It's the perfect mix of enjoyable, funny- so funny- lighthearted, interesting, and political, and evocative. I binged listened to this and now I CANT WAIT for more. At the end, you wish you were friends with each storyteller. - KristenB63

As someone who generally hates podcasts, this podcast series is so refreshing, honest and real. - PodcastSkeptic

Hearing the stories of young Black people is not only refreshing but (I hope) eye-opening for those that don't fully understand the black narrative, let alone the YOUNG black narrative - how diverse the mentalities and experiences really are even when they are rooted in similar values of the Black identity. - clamas12344

This is the place to go for candid discussion on important issues, witty humor, or if you just have intersted in a substantial approach to Black culture. It's definitely a well-rounded project. Keep it coming!!! - Kpmclaugh

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! So refreshing to hear stories from us. Young, black, educated, interesting, fun, cool people I can relate to, identify with, and learn from. Keep it up. - Traveling fro

My very first subscription to a podcast and I love You Had Me at Black! I am excited about hearing a new story every week! - Mrs. MaryC

This podcast is so relatable to everyday life. I felt like I was listening to my close friends tell their stories. I laughed, and I shook my head. I was angry, sad, and happy. - HeraMae

Every story feels like it's lifted from my private vault of memories. I've lived these moments, or witnessed them, and now I'm reliving them. - ThatManMax