A two-part reflection on Black fatherhood

produced by You Had Me at Black and Cult TV



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Black fathers are out here. Out here raising, loving, supporting, speaking to, pouring into their children.

SEEN is a two-part series which explores how Black fathers are present in their roles. For Father's Day We asked seven men to  reflect on how fatherhood influences their understanding of masculinity, and how that's similar or different to their fathers' parenting. 

These are their stories.


“Fathers are the bows from which children as living arrows are sent forth.”

- Khalil Gibran

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Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. To celebrate fathers is to not only see them but to see ourselves as well. As leaders, they are both the architects and subjects of our bigger picture as a people. Fathers, you are seen. 

The second part of the series is an intimate view of black fatherhood from the perspectives of three men: Chef Rock Harper; food and beverage consultant, Eric King; and clinical mental health counseling graduate student, Kier Gaines. Through their perspectives, the panel provides insight on a new generation of black fatherhood.


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