Those who tell stories rule the world.
— Hopi American Indian proverb


You Had Me at Black is a storytelling movement reclaiming the Black narrative by passing regular people the mic to share their stories in their words. We do so through a podcast and live storytelling events.

The mis- and underrepresentation of Black men and women in mainstream media affects our lives down to the most minute interactions.  We highlight parts of the black experience that aren't typically shown in the media- the innocent, carefree, heartbreaking, painful, victorious moments that make up our lives. We do so as a form of activism and liberation.

Stories educate, uplift, encourage, humor, frighten, humble, and connect us. They're how we've transferred history and information for thousands of years. By revealing shared experiences and celebrating differences, You Had Me at Black builds community and encourage fans to walk boldly in their own.


You Had Me at Black is a passion project run entirely by a team of volunteers. Meet them below:

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