Mother's Jewels

A two-part reflection on Black motherhood

produced by You Had Me at Black and Cult TV



Growing up, almost everything our mom taught us had a backstory.  It was either something she heard from her mom - like "your siblings are your longest set of friends" - which by that point, felt like a tried and true fact of life; or something she discovered in her personal journey - like how to stand up for yourself - which she shared with us so that we wouldn't have to figure it out on our own.

Mother's Jewels explores how Black mothers pour into their children. The intergenerational lessons they draw from (or reject), and the life experiences they lean on.

We asked eleven women, "What's a conversation you had with your mom, and one you didn't have, that you couldn't wait to have with your children?"

Here are their stories.


"To mother is to impart jewels, heirlooms, wisdom..."


Some relationships are windows —they help you see beyond who and where you are. Other relationships are mirrors, bringing you closer to who you are. Motherhood is one relationship that acts as both a window and a mirror in our lives.

The second part of the series explores the windows and mirrors of black motherhood from the perspectives of three dynamic women: The Working Beauty, a lawyer turned thrift expert and mom-to-be; marketing expert and mompreneur, Rickelle Gordon, and Reba Corrine, a sexpert, mom and bonus mom of five children.



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