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Our stories have been told by other people for too long. We're reclaiming the Black narrative by sharing our stories in our words. As a storyteller on our tour you'll get to tell your story to a live audience of 150-200  in your city. Your story will be recorded and possibly aired on our podcast at a later date.

Before submitting a story be sure to:

- Listen to an episode of our podcast to understand our format.

- Read the frequently asked questions below.

- Review an example submission, here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can share a story?

You Had Me at Black is here to pass the mic to those who have something to say.  Our only qualifications to be a storyteller are that you identify as Black and fall roughly between the ages of 25-35. 

How do you decide which storytellers and stories to participate in a kickback?

Storytellers are selected based on a number of factors, including how well the story fits the theme for the city, its substance, and how different it is from stories already shared on our show. Only personal stories will be selected. Promotional stories, or those about founding a business or organization, will not be considered.

How many storytellers do you feature per show? 

Each show features four storytellers: two men, two women (self-identified). Each story can only be told by one person.

If I'm selected, will my story make it onto You Had Me at Black podcast?

Ideally, yes! However we reserve the discretion to publish or not publish any stories we record on our podcast.

What is the commitment if I'm selected as a storyteller?

We expect selected storytellers to take the opportunity seriously and to make time to prepare and practice. Each storyteller gets paired with a coach from the You Had Me at Black team. You should expect to spend 1-2 hours per week on your story, over a 4-6 week period.

If I'm not selected as a storyteller, can I still make it onto the podcast?

Stories which aren't selected for the Kickback might be asked to do a remote recording with us at a later date.

Submit your story

We appreciate your interest in sharing your story on our platform. While we acknowledge there are a number of stories and topics to unpack as part of the Black experience, we're honing in on a few this year. For our tour we’re specifically looking for stories which address the following themes. These themes can be taken literally, but we encourage unique interpretations.

  • Home

  • Family

  • Justice

  • Immigration/Emigration

Before submitting a story, review an example submission here. Please note that promotional stories or origin stories about a business or organization will not be considered.