We started You Had Me at Black with a mission to reclaim the Black narrative through true and authentic storytelling. 3 seasons later, our guests have shared personal stories (50, to be exact) about grieving through violence, claiming triumph over depression, finding love, finding purpose, #workingwhileblack, learning how to dance, and more. 

We're excited to launch our 4th season and want to share the YHMAB team favorites.

Lit as a Feather

Jazz was one of our very first storytellers, and hers was published as part of our Season 1 premier. Her story resonated with me because it reminded me of the times when my cousins, sister and I would get into mischief and try to cover it up before my grandfather - who often watched us - would wake up from his nap. 

- Martina, Creator

Black Cinderella

My favorite is Black Cinderella. I know Ian personally, and they having such a loving soul. To hear the details of all the craziness and heartbreak they experienced was powerful, and only made me appreciate and respect their fearlessness and #carefree attitude that much more. 

- Britney, Creator & Producer

Before the Truce

A favorite episode is hard to pick! But I would say Damon's story. Being in the studio when the story was told was very emotional for me; the story hit me hard. And I was honored that he took the chance to tell it on our platform.

- Tashana, Marketing & Partnerships


Foes, Family & Fame

This episode has a special place in my heart because it was the first time we recorded live, and marked the start of Season 1. Everything came together so well. The energy from the audience was great, and the storytellers were impressive too.

- Adizah, Story Coach & Producer

The Medicine of the Mind

My favorite episode was Mark's story. I've had a similar experience to his and really never imagined that someone else would have a similar story. I feel like America is so stressed at the moment and in need of a spiritual reset. This episode was encouraging. Plus, all my friends think we need to head to Peru now lol.

- Miles, Sound Engineer

An Uncomfortable, Comfortable Place

Being an artist, I felt very connected to Jordannah’s story. I went through a depression myself that made me stop creating for a while and I got through it. It is interesting that almost every story that I scored I felt very connected to.

- Mike, Music Producer & Scorer


The Scarlet Letter

This story is hilarious and relatable, especially given some of my past experiences. Because Onye's narrative was quite different in tone and message, it illustrated the wide breadth and variety of the Black millennial experience (reaffirming the purpose of the podcast). Finally, I had an awesome experience tailoring the sound of the episode to reflect the HYPHY movement in which it was set!

- Benjamin, Music Producer & Scorer

Peons and Peacocks

This story hit home. I’ve had similar experiences in the service industry. I loved the resolution.

- Charlie, Music Scorer & Producer

How to Be Denise Huxtable

To me, Juliet's story was super relatable. I also loved A Different World (rewatching it on Netflix got me through my last semester of college!), have a Nigerian parent, and know how important education can be in a Nigerian family. While I could laugh along with her at times, I think anyone from an immigrant family can relate to Juliet's story.

- Afi, Producer


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